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Choosing The Right Size Men's Belt

Our collection of leather belts for men is perfect for those wanting to obtain the latest in designer looks together with functionality. From contemporary to classic designs and everything in between, we have it all.

Below, we outline some of the main considerations when browsing our belt range. From waist length measurements to material and more, the information below will help you select the best option for you.


Minimum Belt Length Measurement

This measurement is the minimum length that is offered for that particular belt. In other words, that is the tightest option that the belt will go. You will want to ensure that your waist length is between the minimum and maximum belt length.


Maximum Belt Length

Likewise, this measurement is the maximum length the belt will offer. In other words, this is the loosest setting of the belt.


What Length Belt Should I Choose?

The ideal length belt is where your waist measurement sits in the middle of the minimum and maximum belt length. This ensures that you are able to do your belt up comfortably, to around the middle hole. This allows for optimum comfort and style.

Please see below a size chart which provides a guide for you.

mens belt size chart haus of leather


Browsing Our Range of Designer Belts For Men

Be sure to check out our men’s leather belt collection available online here at Haus of Leather. Don’t forget that when purchasing from our men’s leather belt shop, all online orders receive free shipping! This is just another fantastic reason to shop with confidence at Haus of Leather online store.