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Exploring Our Women's Leather Belts Online

Our collection of designer belts for women comprises a range of striking designs tailored to suit your taste. From wide style belts through to slim line belts and more, there are a myriad of options available to you at Haus of Leather, your leather belt store. Below are some of the considerations you should have when choosing your perfect belt relating to both sizing and styles.

More About Leather Belts at Haus of Leather Online

Read on to discover the best tips and helpful considerations when shopping from our online collection. From choosing the right size through to belt material, this post is sure to help you shop online with us!

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The Belt's Minimum Waist Length

This measurement is the minimum waist dimension that is offered with that particular sized belt. That is, the tightest the belt will go. This is often defined by the positioning of the final hole.

The Belt's Maximum Waist Length

This measurement is the maximum length that the belt can still be adjusted to, defined by the loosest the belt will go.

What Belt Size Is Right For Me?

The perfectly sized belt for you is defined by the middle hole in the belt. This allows you to wear the belt with comfort, with plenty of adjustment both tighter and more loosely. The other belt dimensions to be aware of are the belt width and the overall belt length. Make sure you take these into account to ensure you select the correct size for you!

Please see below a sizing chart which you can use to guide you.

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Feel free to peruse our women's leather belt collection and be sure to check back regularly as we continue to add new styles to our range.

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