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Discover More About Our Range of Satchel Bags

At Haus of Leather, we offer you a fantastic range of satchel bags comprising different styles, shapes and sizes. As a popular online satchel bag shop, we proudly offer a stylish range of designer bags for men at incredible everyday prices.

Things to Think About When Shopping Satchels Online

Below we have outlined the main features to consider when choosing your satchel. This will help ensure your selected leather satchel perfectly suits your lifestyle.

satchel bag

Satchels for Business

Business satchels are normally larger, and have allocated compartments for items such as laptops and tablets. As such, they are perfect for the professional looking for a stylish storage solution for all of their work needs. This style of satchel often features a shoulder strap and a choice finishes to suit.

Casual Messenger Bags

These are defined at Haus of Leather as our range of smaller satchels, designed for casual use and generally smaller items. This type of bag is often perfect for those looking for a compact form of transport for their essentials. Due to their smaller size, these are a popular choice for those wanting a 

Code Locking

Some of our leather satchel bags feature a code lock for extra security. You may wish to consider this if you require additional security for your goods.


Shoulder Vs Backpack Vs Satchel Designs

Some of our satchel bags fit into the shoulder bag category, where as others are more designed as cross-body bags. In some cases these can be worn on your back for comfort. Be sure to consider how you are planning on wearing your bag, and what you wish to carry within it. These decisions will factor heavily into your choice of satchel and messenger bag.

Our range of satchels are offered in both PU and full leather, which will be mentioned on each product's page. Be sure to check back regularly as we constantly add new and exciting styles to our range.

Finally, if you would like to discover more on our blog about shopping with us, head on over to what to look for in satchel bags and messenger bags