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Explore Different Types of Leather Wallets

Our range of men's leather wallets comprise varying styles, shapes and sizes at affordable everyday prices. You will find within our online collection an abundance of different materials to select, from PU wallets through to our range of premium genuine leather wallets.

Purchasing the Right Leather Wallet From Our Store

When selecting your wallet from our online store, be sure to carefully consider what kind and quantity of items you want to carry. We offer large over-sized options, perfect for carrying an array of essentials, including ID cards and credit cards as well as your phone. Some of our compact options are more discreet, whilst still offering you plenty of space for cash and cards.

leather wallet

Wallet Materials

In addition to the internal features, you may wish to select from the various finishes of leather. Some of our range consists of oil wax wallets and nubuck leather that offer you something a little unique.

All of our products include their full dimensions on their product page, so be sure to consider this prior to purchasing through our online store. As mentioned, it is well worth while to consider what you would like to ideally store in your wallet prior to purchasing.


Wallet Size

You will soon discover that some of our leather wallets offer various sizes and formats within the same product lineup. These can include Horizontal and Vertical formats in addition to Small, Medium and Large sizes. Be sure to consider the dimensions in relation to the number of items you are looking to carry.

Discover Our Range Online

We welcome you to peruse our collection of leather wallets and discover what's in store for you. We're pleased to always be curating new products and collections, ensuring our online wallet shop is constantly expanding it's fabulous collection of options. So be sure to check back regularly and sign up to our newsletter for updates! 

Finally, if you would like to continue to read about our wallet collection, head on over to our blog post shopping for your next men's wallet. You can also discover a wealth of information about our collections and your shopping experience with us at Haus of Leather.