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All About Our Leather Handbags

An Introduction to the Types of Handbags

With so many differing types of handbags on offer, we have provided below a brief summary of the main types of handbag, including their defining and unique characteristics. Selecting a bag starts with you considering for what purpose the bag is for; high-capacity storage, evening occasions, or perhaps something casual for Saturday morning brunches. Each is designed for a specific purpose.


Tote Handbags

A tote bag is usually defined as a large handbag featuring parallel handles, suitable for storing a number of items conveniently. Totes come in a variety of sizes, with options from formal through to casual.



Hobo handbags are defined by a soft shape, which tends to offer a 'relaxed' look. Hobo bags are designed to be worn over your shoulder, and like totes, are generally designed with practicality in mind.


Clutch Bags 

As the name suggests, a clutch handbag is designed to be hand held, and therefore is smaller in size. Clutches can be of all different designs and styles, and in some instances, still feature a shoulder strap. 


While there are more subcategories of handbags available, the aforementioned styles provide a brief definition of the main designs. You will see a variety of styles featured with our leather handbag collection at Haus of Leather, with new styles added regularly!

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