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Travel Bags Available Now at Haus of Leather

Discover our exciting range of designer travelbags available online at Haus of Leather. In this blog post, we will introduce some of the key things to look for when shopping for your next bag here at Haus of Leather.

Our online collection of travel bags offers you a great range of bags at affordable everyday prices. Whether you are looking for an overnight bag, a larger weekend bag or perhaps an even larger piece of travel luggage, we have it all! Read on below to find out more!

What Travel Bag Features Should I Consider?

The first thing to take into consideration is how much space you are looking for. If you are wanting a more compact bag, perhaps for overnight use, then most options will surely suffice. 

Most of the bags on offer here at Haus of Leather offer various forms of internal storage compartments. These can be in the form of internal pockets (including exterior pockets in some cases), as well as internal dividers. These make storing your items easy and convenient.

Also be sure to note how the bag is best carried. Some of the bags on offer will feature a shoulder strap, others carry handles. Many options however offer you the convenience of both of these. Think about what's convenient for you when making your purchasing decision.

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Travel Bag Material

Next up, be sure to look for the bag's material composition. We proudly offer a range of different materials that cater to a variety of price points. In addition to our beautiful genuine leather bags, we also include a range of more affordable alternatives. These can include PU leather and split leather bags.

You may also discover some bags feature canvas detailing to contrast with a leather finish. This is a highly eye-catching trend that is very aesthetically pleasing.

Some of the bags featured in our online store also present you with a choice of colours. Whilst black is always considered a classic colour, you may wish to explore other options to suit your taste.

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Other Reasons to Shop Travel Bags at Haus of Leather

We also proudly offer free shipping on all our leather travel bags online. We currently ship to a great range of countries all around the world. You can discover our shipping destinations by visiting our FAQ (frequently asked questions) to ensure your location is available.

If you have any other queries we invite you to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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