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Helpful Advice for Purchasing Your Next Men’s Belt

If you are in the market for your next men’s belt, be sure to read on!

In this post, we will discuss the main considerations when purchasing a leather belt for men online. From belt size to material, this blog post simplifies the process of what to look for when shopping online with us.

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Shopping for my Men's Belt Online

In addition to style and colour, be sure to consider for which occasions you would like to wear a belt. Is it formal? Or something a little more casual? Some belt designs are quite timeless and would suit a number of uses, where as others are more statement pieces suitable for specific outfits.

Having then decided upon your style, design and colour, you will then want to ensure you purchase the right size belt. Measure around your waist to find out your size, and do so in both inches and centimeters. When shopping online, you may come across measurements in both formats, so having them handy will save you time when shopping.

With this information ready, you will want to find belts that offer a belt size, often presented to you in a range format. Your measurement should fall within this range. So for example, a belt should be sized as suitable for X inches to Y inches. Your waist measurement should sit comfortably in between these two figures.

Other belt dimensions you should be aware of also include the belt length, which provides you with the total belt length from one end to the other. Belt width tells you the height of the belt, and this may be given to you in multiple numbers. This is due to the fact that some belts taper in their design, so be sure to take this into consideration.

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There are some other measurements that can also be mentioned, including the belt’s buckle dimensions. Be aware of these, but these measurements normally don’t affect your purchasing decision.

Different Belt Materials

Finally, take into consideration the belt’s material composition. There are an abundance of options available, including full genuine leather belts through to more affordable PU leather and other alternatives. Aside from your personal preference, you will also want to consider your budget when purchasing.

If you would like to discover our full range of men's belts online head on over to https://hausofleather.com/collections/mens-leather-belts and start exploring today!

We hope that gives you some insight into your next men’s belt purchase. Don’t forget to check out Haus of Leather’s online belt collection which offers you an abundance of stylish and highly affordable pieces you may wish to consider.

Happy shopping!

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