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Choosing the Right Belt for Women at Haus of Leather

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This post discusses the main considerations you should have when selecting from Haus of Leather’s range of women’s belts.

The first step is selecting a style that suits your personal taste. With a fantastic range of designer belts for women available online, you will no doubt enjoy perusing an abundance of stylish options. Most of the belts on offer include a variety of colour choices too, ensuring an abundance of options to choose from.

Selecting the Right Size Belt for You

Once you have decided upon your preferred style and colour combination, the next step is selecting your size. The sizes are normally presented to you as a range, for example X inches to Y inches. You can simply measure your own waist if unsure, to ascertain your size.

Other helpful belt dimensions are often included in Haus of Leather’s belt product pages. These include the belt length, which provides you with the total belt length. Following on, as the name suggests, the belt width is simply the ‘height’ of the belt. Please note that some belts have a maximum and minimum belt width, as they vary depending upon where the measurement is taken.

Other dimensions are more for your interest, including buckle dimensions. Whilst you may wish to take these into consideration, these normally don’t have as much impact in your decision making.

What is the Optimal Size Belt

The optimal belt size for you is the size range from which your waist fits as close as possible to the middle of the range. For example, if the belt option is 30in - 34 inches, this would be ideal for someone with a 32 inch wasit.

You will discover all of this information and more within the Haus of Leather women’s belt collection. Ensuring you have your measurement in advance makes selecting your belt online an easy process.

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